Alan Wright, PhD

Organizational Change & Communications Consultant

Alan Wright is MMCo’s expert in Strategic Communications and Organizational Change Consulting. He has a relentless passion and keen talent for enhancing organizational communications in times of intense change.

He is internationally recognized as a proven resource during critical corporate change events, such as culture transformation and reorganization due to mergers and acquisitions, relocation, and IT launches.

Alan’s strength is his highly analytical orientation, with a deep understanding of change at the organizational impact level. As such, he is a key contributor in the design and implementation of our Recharge & Renewal® consulting services, surveys, and Embracing the New change services.

Prior to joining MMCo, Alan consulted for Accenture, Ernst & Young, Aon Hewitt, and Willis Towers Watson. He has assisted more than 30 companies in reengineering their communication systems to better align employees with company vision, mission, goals, roles, and culture. He has facilitated change management and leadership development projects for Fortune 500 clients such as Nike, Cisco, Disney, Chevron, Wells Fargo and AT&T.

As a training facilitator, Alan served as an Adjunct Faculty member in Chapman University’s award-winning Organizational Leadership Program. He also taught courses in leadership, communication and change management at Michigan State University.

Alan holds a PhD in Organizational Communication from Michigan State University, a Master’s in Public Relations from Pepperdine University, and a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Oregon. An ardent international traveler, Alan has visited 32 countries to expand his understanding of differing cultural and social perspectives.

His personal adventures include swimming with sharks off the Great Barrier Reef, and climbing to the base camp of Mount Everest. Alan is a native Southern Californian who loves hiking, biking and surfing.