Culture Consulting

In today’s diverse global marketplace, there is a growing requirement to become culture-savvy.

For organizations, this can mean growing their corporate culture to reflect guiding principles for the future.  Or, learning how to more fully enhance cultural diversity and make the most of the “melting pot” in which we now do business.

For leaders, becoming culture-savvy can mean learning ways to sustain the new corporate culture at home or abroad.  For those managing global resources, it can mean adding new processes or enhancing their skills and perspectives to facilitate better communication around the globe.

Our Culture Consulting assists organizations to:

  • Increase synergy by effectively blending two or more company cultures that are merging
  • Refresh and renew their current organizational culture and brand – become up-to-date with the requirements of the current digital, global marketplace
  • Sustain the cultural change through system processes and communication tools
  • Recruit and select individuals best profiled to become effective global and cross-cultural leaders, or change agents when and where desired

We assist individuals and leaders to:

  • Develop deeper cross-cultural awareness and connectedness, both at home base and across borders
  • Learn how to best flex their approach to connect with a global audience
  • Learn how to better manage their diverse teams across the globe
  • Prepare to navigate through the “crossing borders” learning curve when heading abroad to live or work

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