Going Global Consulting

International Leadership Development Consulting

We offer specialized consulting for global organizations doing business in multiple countries with culturally diverse customers or with geographically distributed teams. Our unique Going Global Leadership and Team Development Consulting offerings ensure the optimum effectiveness of your global leaders and teams, while improving your overall global expansion efforts.

Are Going Global services right for you?

Through our targeted workshops, seminars, coaching and consulting, your organization and leaders will be able to:

  • Communicate more effectively with individuals from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Manage your diverse global teams more effectively
  • Increase the effectiveness of sales and negotiation efforts abroad through more culturally appropriate communications
  • Enhance your global merger/acquisition organizational human resource development efforts
  • Select and prepare key personnel for assignments abroad.

Our Going Global line-up of offerings include:

  • Targeted coaching and consulting to global leaders and teams — by phone or in-person
  • Assessment and initiative tailoring for your organization
  • Our integrated Five-Phased Initiative approach
  • Consulting with country- and region-specific experts
  • Workshops tailored to countries of interest, specific industries and key business applications
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We Deliver Business Value

Through our services, individuals and leaders become more effective in navigating the differences in style, behaviors, customs, and communications among diverse working groups, global partners and customers. This results in better communications and cultural awareness, increased sales, more effective negotiations and improved teamwork among globally dispersed work groups. Organizations become more effective at selecting and placing employees in overseas posts or global project assignments.

About our Consulting Team

Our globally savvy consultants each possess decades of experience in organizational consulting, communication and leadership development with Fortune 500 clients. We provide expert facilitation at both the organizational level and with individual leaders. All MMCo Going Global staff members have experience both domestically in the U.S. and abroad.

Our team is augmented with an extended network of country and region-specific experts with diverse industry experience and cultural awareness. Our process also leverages the expertise of a client’s own global leaders in specific markets and company cultures.

What Makes Us Unique?

A differentiating element of the MMCo approach is our “secret sauce” — the approach we use with individuals that allows for deep and lasting growth. This unique differentiator ensures that clients come away with a new awareness of their own personal and home country belief systems, how those impact their behavior, communications and perceptions, and most importantly, how those vary from those of other cultures.

By understanding certain fundamental aspects of human behavior and how to transcend potential disconnects, our clients become more adept at integrating with diverse populations, specifically those that are key to the client’s business. Thus, they become truly effective global leaders!

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