Going Global International Leadership Training & Consulting Areas

Our team of seasoned consultants in MMCo’s Going Global practice provide expert training, coaching, and consulting in a variety of organizational, team development, leadership and personal effectiveness topic areas outlined below. In addition to our comprehensive Five-Phased Initiatives for global organizations, we are available for Customized Workshops, Seminars and Conference Presentations. For more individualized consulting and immediate applications, we offer hourly and daily consulting through our Custom Retainer Packages.

How do our Custom Retainer Packages work?

  • First, you’ll select specific topics from our menu below which best fit your objectives.
  • Then contact us at info@mariemoran.com or 888-284-2442 to set up a call with one of our knowledgeable Going Global staff.
  • We’ll discuss your objectives, schedule, location, general budget and other questions or preferences. You can choose phone, video conference, or in-person sessions at locations and intervals that best suit your schedule.
  • You and your MMCo representative will review your retainer package options. Our Retainer Packages start at $10,000. Once you and your MMCo representative have agreed on the specifics for your custom package, we’ll confirm your proposed retainer investment, match you with your consultants and begin the work.

Our Going Global Categories

  • Exploring cultural beliefs — how they affect both individual and group behavior and perspectives
  • Expanding your cultural awareness with both your home and host countries
  • Understanding the work ethic, practices and labor force in a foreign land
  • How history, government, economics and regulations affect doing business in your host country
  • Recognizing key motivators (e.g. religion, relationship, power, saving face) in a different culture
  • Increasing awareness of cultural views on gender, religion, politics and other sensitive issues
  • Dress codes and considerations (by gender, role, etc.) as you travel abroad
  • Building trust and persuasion ability in another culture; understanding how decisions are made
  • Understanding the use of power and authority in your host country
  • How to identify the key decision-makers in a different culture
  • How conflict is viewed and managed in the cultures you’re working in
  • Dealing with a challenging customer or vendor in an offshore environment
  • Recognizing how local events affect how work gets done
  • Brand DNA and global vendor relationship management
  • Characteristics of effective global leaders and how to continue to develop oneself
  • Guiding a multi-cultural staff — both in your home and host countries
  • Understanding management styles and practices in a new culture
  • Encouraging constructive dissent in non-assertive cultures
  • How to utilize employee Town Hall meetings in specific cultural marketplaces
  • Moving the team forward despite conflicting rules and competing priorities
  • How to adapt your sales or expert presentations for audiences from a different culture
  • Switching from a direct to an indirect communication style (or vice versa)
  • How to properly prepare yourself for labor relations, Workers’ Council meetings and more
  • Dealing with language and accent barriers
  • How to graciously ask for a meeting in your host country
  • Socializing and entertaining abroad — what works and doesn’t in various settings
  • Change management perspectives and practices when integrating cultures
  • Influencing other internal leaders when operating in a multi-cultural environment
  • Developing a diverse social sensitivity when working in a mixed-cultural environment
  • “Learning the ropes” when navigating through a large global organization
  • Functioning with ambiguity, political “red tape” and totally different power structures
  • Identifying ways to effectively transition yourself, your behaviors and expectations, as you move from first to second- or third-world environments
  • Dealing with your own culture shock and adaptations as you enter a vastly different environment
  • Managing your personal brand in a foreign land — gaining perspective then managing the change
  • How to stay focused, manage the multiples, plus recharge and renew yourself as you work abroad
  • How to bounce back from cross-cultural misfires or setbacks, learning on the go
  • Building resilience and managing your expectations — relationships do not happen overnight!
  • How to “go with the flow” abroad

For more information or to schedule your complimentary initial consultation, call us at 888-284-2442 toll free in the USA (+1-949-545-7965 internationally) or email us: info@mariemoran.com.