Webinars for In-House Delivery

Timely Topics for Virtual Teams

We are pleased to announce our array of webinars for your virtual or in-office teams. Each topic can be offered in a format to accommodate your group size and preferred level of interaction.

Available Webinar Formats

All webinars are presented in a series of 3 modules, allowing time for absorption and practice between sessions. Each module runs approximately 45 minutes, which includes the use of handouts and exercises to bring the presenter’s content alive for your audience.

  • For groups up to 10, our webinars are presented in video conference format, with participants visible to each other on the call. This allows for discussion and interaction among participants during the session.
  • For groups of 11 or more, our webinar content is presented by our consultant with a question-and-answer or other interactive exercise. Participants are not visible on the video conference.

Booking Your Webinar

Each webinar module is scheduled at your group’s convenience. As part of our initial preparation and tailoring process, our consultant will confer with your group’s sponsor to learn more about the audience. If additional information-gathering and customization is desired, we can provide that as an enhancement.

Webinar Listing & Descriptions
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