Embracing the New and Change Workshops

Exploring the deep dynamics of personal and organizational change, and navigating through it.

Embracing the New Workshop

This unique and timely 3-day offering is designed for individuals and team leaders who face major or on-going organizational change and the new pressures that come with it. By providing tools to manage both the concrete (structured) and subjective (feeling) aspects of change, participants learn to address their current challenges by learning rapidly and responding nimbly. Exercises feature MMCo’s unique 7D Model for Navigating Change as a roadmap for individuals and teams to chart their course. Workshop topics include:  How to hold with the pressures and uncertainty; adapting to new people and processes; learning to “stay in Discovery” and follow the new vision; clarifying your direction; overcoming drains and distractions; and how to remain a robust learning leader providing powerful inspiration and demonstration for others.

The workshop is enriched by two private coaching sessions per person. Participants come away with a renewed sense of motivation and direction, tools to manage the challenges of change, and focused action steps to attain the new vision and sustain their path forward.

This workshop for individuals and team leaders can be tailored for your group as a stand-alone event, or as part of a broadened approach in our Organizational Change Consulting Packages.  We also offer a specialized version, Embracing the New for Leaders, for intact leadership teams.

Recommended Format:

  • 3-Day Workshop for up to 15 Participants
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Essentials of Managing Change Workshop

For companies embarking on change initiatives with far-reaching and deep impact, this workshop is our introduction to the dynamics of change. Participants learn to recognize the stages of change and typical reactions to change, how to manage those reactions within themselves, and what processes can ease the strain in others to inspire a fresh and uplifting perspective among co-workers. Leaders come away with a foundational understanding of change management dynamics, and what change requires from them in their roles as people and process managers.

Recommended Formats:

  • 2-Day Workshop for up to 12 Leaders
  • 2-Day Seminar for up to 25 Leaders
  • Our 2-Day workshop is tailored for your team or organization. It can be combined with our Organizational Change Consulting Package.

Day One identifies the typical reactions and phases of change; then assists participants to recognize and manage their own behaviors and responses. We provide perspective for the path ahead and tips for managers responsible for the well-being of their teams and organizations.

Day Two allows for more in-depth discovery regarding change-related Conflict and Communication challenges pertinent to the group. Managers participate in a variety of exercises and discussions which better equip them to both establish and reinforce an environment for healthy change.

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