Behavioral Styles & You

Do you manage a diverse work team and want to increase collaboration?  Do you and your team desire more positive impact with your key stakeholders?  If so, it’s vital to expand your understanding of how individuals with contrasting Behavioral Styles see the world through very different perspectives.

While some refer to this type of training as simply “personality styles theory”, we approach this topic by delving deeper.   In our Behavioral Styles & You Workshops, you and your team members become sensitized to the impact of their own behavioral style on others, and how to adapt their own preferred approach to be more adept at managing communications with others.  Introductory sessions can be conducted in half-days on-site or at a venue of your choice.

In our one and two-day workshops, we tailor the workshop content more fully for your team.  We go beyond the task of identifying how your team members profile themselves or others. We address how others perceive their behavioral styles, and how styles may change under pressure or stress.   We identify ways to persuade individuals of different styles, how to use Behavioral Styles awareness to improve your current team dynamics, and how to resolve conflict with key stakeholders.

Appropriate For:  Intact work teams and their leaders, cross-functional teams, individuals who want to enhance interpersonal skills, increase self-awareness, and increase customer understanding and impact.

Workshop Features & Formats:

  • Small group format with 8 to 10 participants; larger seminar format for up to 20 participants.
  • Larger group sessions can be accommodated with two trainers on request.
  • Recommended workshop length is based on amount of content and interaction desired. Options range from introductory half-day sessions to in-depth 2-day workshops.
  • Participant Behavioral Styles Survey materials are included.
  • All lengths and formats include pre and post calls with sponsor to discuss specific group objectives and any anticipated follow up activities.
  • One and two-day formats include additional pre-work and tailoring for your group.

Additional consulting services: This workshop may be packaged with one-on-one coaching sessions for participants. For our robust two-day events, we can include practice exercises in conflict management or persuasion skills. Details and pricing provided upon request.