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Looking for a shorter presentation or conference keynote?

Recharge Your Battery

Half-Day Workshop or Conference Presentation

Are you feeling it’s time to renew and re-energize? Do you feel drained of your usual energy by the struggle to balance increased demands of work and life? If yes, it’s time to re-energize and regain your enthusiasm for life and your career!

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Enhancing Your Executive Presence

Half-Day Conference Presentation

Most of us can name at least one person who is said to have ‘executive presence’ and knows how to use it. We know it when we see it because we feel its impact. But what exactly is executive presence? Why is it a vital element of effective leadership? And how do individuals increase their presence when moving up in their careers? This conference presentation covers the basics and is a must for anyone in the business!

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For Healthcare Professionals and Leaders:

Taking Charge of Your Own Well-Being

The Leaders’ Role in Managing Workplace Pressure

With soaring costs to recruit and train new staff, the pressure to do more with less, and the requirement to meet ever-changing regulatory requirements for high quality care, few professions are as demanding as the health care industry!

This impactful 2-hour presentation is designed to introduce practical tools and techniques for effectively managing workplace pressure — especially as a team leader.

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