Embrace the New Day

A few words from Marie Moran, Producer/Director of this video:

With the ever-changing circumstances we find ourselves in today, many people (and organizations) may be feeling somewhat shaken or unsteady. This short video, Embrace the New Day, is a vivid moving meditation designed by my team in response to the challenges we face at this moment in time.

Our desire was to put together a visual medley of photos and messages which have the power to lift and inspire, focus us on the joys of making life count, and assist us all to surrender to that which we cannot change.

The making of this video brought us great joy, and now we pass it to you with the hope that you will find viewing it as uplifting as we do. Consider passing this gift forward to others in your personal and professional circle by forwarding the link or by replaying Embrace the New Day for others to view in your home or office.

Marie Moran
Marie Moran & Company, LLC