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About Marie’s Work

Marie is renowned for bringing deep and lasting change to individuals and organizations. “Life changing” and “transformational” are comments she often hears from her clients.

To facilitate positive, uplifting growth for our clients, Marie utilizes principle-based concepts founded on expert knowledge, unique perspectives and insights. Her approach is rooted in decades of experience working with high-growth organizations and their leaders.


Latest Blog Posts

November 1, 2019November 1, 2019

Knowing Which Fish to Keep and Which to Throw Back!

Life can bring us many opportunities to pursue. One of our biggest challenges as an individual is to recognize which ones to say “yes” to and which ones are better to pass up. For when we say yes to an opportunity, it takes us on a journey. While we are on that journey, we can miss other opportunities, some which might have been better for us!

October 4, 2019October 4, 2019

Have You Discovered the Power of Your Presence?

Executive presence. Most of us can name at least one individual who is said to have executive presence. We recognize presence in others when we feel their impact on others, a situation, or their environment. Yet, how do we define this mysterious quality we call executive presence? And to what extent are you utilizing the power of your presence?


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