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November 1, 2019November 1, 2019

Knowing Which Fish to Keep and Which to Throw Back!


Life can bring us many opportunities to pursue. One of our biggest challenges as an individual is to recognize which ones to say “yes” to and which ones are better to pass up. For when we say yes to an opportunity, it takes us on a journey. While we are on that journey, we can miss other opportunities, some which might have been better for us!

October 4, 2019October 4, 2019

Have You Discovered the Power of Your Presence?


Executive presence. Most of us can name at least one individual who is said to have executive presence. We recognize presence in others when we feel their impact on others, a situation, or their environment. Yet, how do we define this mysterious quality we call executive presence? And to what extent are you utilizing the power of your presence?

February 6, 2019February 6, 2019

The Challenge of Cross-Cultural Communication Misfires

Change Management, Going Global|

More than ever we live in a melting pot of cultures and customs. Most businesses today not only work with employees, clients and colleagues from all around the globe, but they conduct business across oceans [...]

August 10, 2018August 10, 2018

The Challenges of Presenting to Cross-Cultural Audiences

Communication Skills, Going Global, Leadership Coaching, Presentation Skills|

By Ed Moehlenkamp Clients often ask why I am so passionate about providing MMCo’s Going Global International training and development services. My attraction comes from observing first-hand how our cross-cultural coaching and consulting impacts [...]

August 6, 2018August 6, 2018

Career Development: How important are those credentials?

Business Savvy|

Do you know someone who’s been thinking about going back to school for an advanced degree or credential?  That question comes up frequently in our private coaching sessions.  Since that usually requires a pretty heavy [...]

July 5, 2017July 5, 2017

What Got You Here…

Career Coaching, Leadership Coaching|

Not long ago, I walked into a one-on-one coaching session with a client who was poised to present her issue for the day’s discussion. Her manager had recently spoken to her about the expression, “What got you here won’t get you to the next level,” and my client was concerned about how this concept might apply to her.

June 2, 2017June 2, 2017

8 Tips to Avoid the Presentation Butterflies

Articles, Communication Skills, Executive Presence, Presentation Skills|

Have you ever noticed how much time and energy conflicts can take if they are not managed well (or nipped in the bud)? Even with all my years of “poise under pressure” training, it can be hard to stay balanced when things aren’t working as smoothly as expected.


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