Voice Works

Marie’s Voice Effectiveness Coaching

Whether you’re speaking to 1 or 100, the sound of your voice makes a lasting impression on others. In today’s world, where business is often conducted by phone or video conference, your voice can make or break your effectiveness as a communicator or leader.

In Marie’s unique Voice Works one-on-one Coaching Sessions, you’ll learn specific tips and techniques to optimize the sound of your speaking voice.  Marie has worked with hundreds of speakers and business professionals over the years, and has developed a proven process for enhancing the sound you project.

As part of your package, first you’ll receive a personalized analysis of your voice improvement areas. Then you’ll learn effective voice production skills, demonstrated by Marie, who is trained in vocal performance and projection techniques. Based on your specific objectives, she’ll provide you with a custom voice warmup routine to build new abilities with your voice and eliminate any problem areas. Specific focus areas may include:  Improving your volume, inflection, tone quality, pacing and speed, articulation and accent reduction. Your personal voice coaching sessions will be designed around your availability and those areas most important to you.


  • In-person or virtual sessions offered, scheduled to fit your availability
  • Training materials to augment your coaching
  • Three package levels to fit your budget and timeline
  • Our Coordinator to assist you with package options

Jump Start Package ($995) – Includes 3 virtual coaching sessions, topic-appropriate materials and exercises

Emerging Pro Package ($1,995) – Includes 7 virtual coaching sessions, topic-appropriate materials and exercises, plus warm-up MP3 file

Rock Star Package ($2,995) – Includes 12 virtual coaching sessions, topic-appropriate materials and exercises, plus warm-up MP3 file

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