Custom Executive Coaching Retainer Packages

Our Custom Executive Coaching Retainer Packages are designed for clients with a range of interests and scheduling preferences for their private leadership and executive coaching sessions.

Choose your level of engagement, based upon your budget, specific objectives and the amount of private coaching desired.  Our seasoned executive coaches have experience working with leaders from all organizational levels and are especially talented at confidential coaching assignments for C-Suite clients, key executives and leaders. Customized coaching is a time-effective option they often prefer.

Here’s how our Custom Executive Coaching Retainer Packages work.

  • First, you’ll select specific topics from our menu which best fit your coaching objectives (or tell us your own!).
  • Then contact us at or 888-284-2442 to set up a call with one of our knowledgeable staff.
  • You and your MMCo representative will review your retainer package options. We’ll discuss your objectives, schedule, location, general budget, and other questions or preferences. You can choose either phone, video conference, or in-person sessions at locations and intervals that best suit your schedule.
  • Our Retainer Packages start at $5,500. Once you and your MMCo representative have agreed on the specifics for your custom package, we’ll confirm your retainer investment, match you with your consultant and get you started.

Our Executive Coaching Categories

Includes Change & Talent Management

  • Essential leadership role discussions for change management initiatives
  • Interim advice during transitions
  • Due Diligence, pre and post mergers and acquisitions
  • Succession planning and talent management
  • Engaging in conversations that drive results and accountability
  • Becoming an effective mentor or sponsor for others
  • Discreet conversations with executives on sensitive topics
  • Gaining clarity on leadership development targets and actions
  • Developing Executive Presence and an inspirational leadership style
  • Navigating career choices and re-setting direction over time
  • Women in Leadership initiatives, questions, and other diversity concerns
  • Using sponsors and mentors appropriately
  • Dealing with challenging individuals, conflict, or setbacks
  • Managing your energy and time as your role evolves
  • Leading to enhance team performance
  • Managing diverse global teams more effectively
  • Increasing your clarity and conciseness
  • Building trust with individuals and teams
  • Increasing impact and influence, persuasion skills
  • Enhancing listening skills and building rapport
  • Conflict management skills
  • Bridging cultural and generational gaps in approach and style
  • Conversation and questioning skills that engage and connect
  • Preparing for Investor conferences – in person, phone, or video-conference
  • All Hands Meetings: preparation, presence, equipment, staging and transitions
  • Rehearsing for Interviews, Speeches, Videos or Panel Discussions
  • Honing your Expert Presentations for conferences and customers
  • Handling Board presentations with poise and effectiveness
  • Enhancing your comfort, animation and delivery style
  • Enhancing Question and Answer skills for responding to tough questions
  • Having a deliberate work pace while keeping your productivity high
  • Analyzing best use of your time and energy daily
  • Setting healthy boundaries which assist your focus and direction
  • Managing life’s multiple demands with more ease
  • Utilizing personal focus tools to stay poised under pressure
  • Recognizing what drains or distracts you
  • Dealing with difficult stakeholders in your life