Ed Moehlenkamp

Workshop Leader & Presenter

Ed Moehlenkamp is one of our most seasoned consultants, with nearly two decades of international and Fortune 500 experience as a presenter, custom program designer, and workshop leader. He currently facilitates MMCo workshops in Executive Presence, Persuasion and Negotiation Skills, and Going Global: The International Leader.  He also provides one-on-one coaching and custom group events in our Stage Presence & You packages.

With a background in theater and radio as both a performer and a producer, Ed is recognized for his engaging style, effective change implementation, and elevating participants’ communication skills and persuasive capabilities.  Ed’s specialty is applying the psychology of human interaction to real life business situations, especially to executive level learning and behavioral change. Having served a diverse client base, he has a keen understanding of business issues as well as the dynamics of executive communication.

Ed graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Economics, after which he became Director at Sega Centers, a Gulf & Western Company. He then moved to PepsiCo as a consulting business analyst, where he designed and implemented unique business solutions and provided training on the use of these new methods.  Ed later joined an international communications skills training company, rising to senior faculty member in his first year.

In 2002, Ed completed his Master’s in Organizational Development from Chapman University. He joined Marie Moran & Company, LLC (MMCo) in 2015 and has been a client favorite ever since.

Ed loves traveling, catching up with lifelong friends, and diving deep into new books at his relaxing retreat-like residence in Washington State.