Interpersonal skills and expanded business perspectives that all professionals can use.

Establishing Your Leadership Brand

Whether we realize it or not, all of us have generated some form of ‘personal brand’ in the perceptions of others. Do you know what your current brand is? Is it what you desire and is it appropriate for your current role? Will it propel you towards your next position? Learn how Leadership Brand impacts all aspects of your career, and tools for establishing your desired brand at each level of leadership.

Topics Include:

  • Leadership Brand: What it is and why it’s important
  • Assessing your current brand: Do you have one that you’re conscious of?
  • Phases of Brand Development: How your brand evolves over time
  • Career Stages: How and why your brand becomes more important as you move up in your leadership role
  • Tools for identifying and establishing your desired brand at this phase of your career

Building Your Business Savvy

Every organization seeks to build bench strength with individuals who possess not only talent and experience, but business savvy and organizational savvy as well! This lively 1-Day seminar features invaluable perspectives from our founder, Marie Moran.

Topics include: Managing your career and your expectations; top blunders in business and how to avoid them; knowing whose advice to listen to; how to avoid a bad hire or career-limiting move; how exceptional leaders determine the best use of their time; balancing-back from misfires; how to build your brand; and more.

This 1-day seminar is suitable for individuals at all organizational levels (and will stimulate great conversation among your own seasoned leaders), and is particularly appropriate for emerging leaders who haven’t yet acquired “the wisdom of the ages.”

Recommended Formats:

  • 1-Day Seminar for up to 25 Participants
  • 2-Day Workshop with 1:1 Coaching for up to 8 Participants

Behavioral Styles & You

In our Behavioral Styles & You Seminar, team members become sensitized to the impact of their own behavioral style on others, and how to adapt their own preferred approach to be more adept at managing communications.

In our more extensive two-day workshops, we identify ways to use Behavioral Styles awareness to improve your current team dynamics, or to enhance persuasion and conflict management skills. We tailor our content, exercises and discussions to your training and development objectives.

This workshop is appropriate for intact work teams and their leaders, cross-functional teams and individual contributors, and can be tailored to your specific audience.


  • Small group format with 8 to 10 participants; larger seminar format for up to 20 participants.
  • Recommended workshop length is based on amount of content and interaction desired. Options range from introductory half-day sessions to in-depth 2-day workshops.
  • One and two-day formats include additional pre-work and tailoring for your group.

Persuasion Skills: Persuading with Power & Principle

This workshop is designed to increase participants’ ability to effectively impact and persuade stakeholders in a variety of business situations. Key topics include: How to build in the WIIFM (“What’s In It For Me?”) for others; why Idea Ownership is critical in persuasion; calibrating the optimum pacing to inform and persuade; adjusting your style to your audience; and how to use a consultative approach versus a traditional sales push. Participants come away with tools to better analyze and manage their audience’s perspectives, use discovery and rapport skills to rapidly enhance relationships, and achieve mutually profitable outcomes with stakeholders.

This workshop is appropriate for individual contributors and leaders, and can be tailored to your specific audience.

Recommended Formats:

  • 1 or 2-Day Small Group Workshop for
    6 to 12 Participants
  • 1 or 2-Day Seminar for up to 25

Conflict & Collaboration

During this 2-day workshop, business professionals learn practical communication tools and conflict resolution skills. They learn when and how to become more “Conflict Hearty,” including techniques for “holding with the heat” when dealing with difficult situations or co-workers. Participants identify their own conflict style and learn to recognize the specific dimensions of organizational conflicts, including both the root issues of conflict and the fundamental “people dynamics.” During workshop exercises, participants use real-life situations to analyze how building on common ground, using discovery questions and rapport skills can achieve mutually satisfying outcomes with customers and stakeholders. Participants come away with techniques for building greater ease when managing conflict in the workplace.

This workshop is appropriate for all business professionals and is currently available as an in-house offering that can be tailored to your group or organization.

Recommended Formats:

  • 2-Day Workshop for up to 12 Participants
  • 1-Day Seminar on Conflict only for up to 20 Participants

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