Presentation Skills

Polished & Powerful Presentation Skills Seminar

For leaders and professionals who give presentations to customers, business partners, Board members and other key stakeholders, our Polished & Powerful Presentation Skills Seminars provide coaching and expert instruction to take your effectiveness to the next level. In addition to providing insights on how to organize your message and manage your visual aids, our talented team of consultants provide expert instruction on how to increase your stage presence, control the “butterflies,” add vocal and visual dynamics, handle tough questions, and tailor your message to a variety of audiences and industries.

Recommended Formats:

  • 3-Day Tailored Workshop for up to 12 Participants (includes video-taping and private coaching)
  • 1 or 2-Day Introductory Seminars for 8 to 20 Participants

Stage Presence & You Seminar

MMCo’s Stage Presence & You seminars and coaching services assist speakers to understand and prepare for the myriad of production requirements in auditoriums, theaters, or conference centers. Our clients learn techniques for rehearsing properly, relaxing fully, improving voice projection and body language, interacting effectively with audio visuals and production crews, adding interest and animation to their topic, and most importantly, owning the stage!

Recommended Formats:

  • In-house Group Seminar for up to 25 Participants – 1 full seminar day followed by individual and peer coaching.
  • 2-day Small Group Workshop with Coaching for 4 to 8 presenters.
  • On-site Event Coaching – Dress Rehearsals and Production Cues.
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Call to learn more about our Workshop Packages, which are bundled with optional Pre and Post Surveys, Manager Interviews, and One-on-One Coaching (888) 284-2442.