Recharge & Renewal® for Life

Revitalizing Career & Personal Discovery Coaching

This individualized one-on-one coaching process is designed for those who are at a crossroads or transition point in their lives and who are seeking clarity and direction for what’s next. Our unique 7D for Life Coaching Process© is our roadmap and guide to reset your course and make fresh decisions — whether for personal, work or career objectives.

We offer three convenient coaching packages to fit your situation and timing preferences. Workbook materials covering the eight learning modules of the 7D Process© are provided for reading, reflecting, and completing assignments between your coaching sessions. The coaching process is typically completed over a three to six-month period but can be compressed or expanded to best suit your schedule.

Our Recharge & Renewal® process begins with an initial phone consultation with our Coaching Coordinator to discuss the driving forces for your current life and career changes, and to determine a convenient schedule to conduct the work outlined below. Package pricing shown is based on your coaching sessions being conducted virtually. Call us to discuss personalized pricing for in-person sessions.


  • In-person or virtual coaching offered, scheduled to fit your availability
  • Workbook and interactive materials to augment your coaching
  • Three package levels to fit your budget and timeline
  • Our Coaching Coordinator to assist you with package options


  • Transitioning to a new career/life chapter
  • Averting job or career burnout
  • Improving work/life balance
  • Renewing your motivation and drive
  • Having more fun, health, and enjoyment overall
  • Revitalizing life pursuits that you’ve had on hold
  • Redirecting/repositioning your life focus

Jump Start Package ($1,595)

Includes 5 hours of coaching, topic-appropriate materials and exercises

A great way to get started quickly on your personal Recharge & Renewal® process! This package includes 5 hours of one-on-one virtual coaching plus a copy of the Recharge & Renewal® for Life comprehensive workbook. This hands-on tool for home study includes enlightening articles, self-directed exercises and journaling pages.

Guided Journey Package ($2,595)

Includes 10 hours of coaching, topic-appropriate materials and exercises       

Like the Jump Start Package, the Guided Journey Package includes the Recharge & Renewal® for Life comprehensive workbook. With a full 10 hours of coaching, this package allows for regular check-ins with your coach to keep you on course in your journey through the 7D Process©.

Voyage to Greatness Package ($3,595)

Includes 15 hours of coaching, topic-appropriate materials and exercises

To achieve optimum results, we recommend the Voyage to Greatness Package, which provides additional coaching hours and allows you more time to work at your own pace. In addition to the comprehensive Recharge & Renewal® for Life workbook, digital documents, and regular check-ins with your coach, this package includes supplemental refreshers to “recharge your battery” and renew your commitment to your new Life Vision.

Ready for the Next Step?

To learn more or to sign up for a Recharge & Renewal® for Life Coaching Package:

  1. Email us at OR  Call 888.284.2442
  2. We’ll set up a brief call for you with our Coaching Coordinator to discuss your interest in Recharge & Renewal® for Life, your focus areas and timeframe, and more recommendations.