Change Consulting

A variety of types of change events, including mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, or simply rapid growth – all can lead to client requests for our dynamic and deep Change Consulting services.

MMCo’s proven processes bring greater ease, alignment and effectiveness to organizations, leaders and teams.  Our firm understands that while change is continual, with the proper perspective, guidance, alignment and communication tools, organizations can truly become more Change Hearty!

We tailor specific packages for intact work groups, entire divisions, or enterprise-wide.  Our distinction lies in our ability to go beyond diagnosing the key issues to recommending new directions.  Through our coaching and training services, we also assist you to implement lasting change solutions for your business.

Our typical Change Packages include the following:

  • Design and implementation of discovery processes to determine your vision for the future, key sponsors and stakeholders during the change.
  • Interviews and Survey Assessment processes to analyze what’s currently working (or not) in various parts of the organization.
  • Facilitating planning, communication and involvement activities with Change Team and key sponsors to align the path forward.
  • Implementing key solutions, such as facilitation of Change Workshops for teams; providing one-on-one coaching for key leaders; designing fresh communication tools.
  • Reassessing over time how change processes are working, and how to keep the momentum moving to fully embrace the new.

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