As we launch into 2024, are you ready to embrace the new with focus and fun – not with fear? Here are seven powerful tips for renewing yourself both personally and professionally. Use them often to stay fresh and at the top of your game!

Take time for tuning up by ‘tuning in’ with some quality self-reflection and introspection. The new year is a great time to reassess what you truly desire in life. Become re-acquainted with what guides your choices – especially when embracing the new involves changes not of your own choosing (such as a company merger or reduction in force). Avoid getting caught up in trying to keep busy to make everything better; rather, take action once your direction is clear, and know what principles underlie your key decisions.

Metaphorically speaking, your boat is steadier for your life journey (even when the water gets choppy) when you stay connected to your guiding principles and your ultimate vision for your life. Finetune your intuition and connection to conscience as your life rudder and your steering wheel. To ensure those connections are securely in place, consider adding meditation or quiet reflection time to your schedule regularly. Find a setting that’s restorative for your spirit where you won’t be disturbed. Jot down your awarenesses and take note of what you hear as you tune in about the next steps on your Life journey.

Envision yourself and your life more expansively than you might have in the past. We now have split-second access to more people, venues and knowledge than ever before, with the opportunity to learn from it all. When you see what looks like magical luck in another person’s life, dig deeper and you’ll probably discover that the individual envisioned broader possibilities for a new idea, or fresh applications for an existing one. You must first See It New if you want to Work It New (WIN)! Use your reflection time to visualize your life in fresh new ways that are fulfilling to you.

Become more curious in order to keep current and expanding. During rapid change, we can become scared, then cautious, which can lead to predictable, which quickly translates into boring and behind the times. We might even become depressed and just not want to move much at all! Before things get to that point, the solution is to do the opposite: Get up off the couch, and get into motion! Exercise your curiosity. Reach out and explore, learn about new people and places. Your spirits will be lifted and you’ll discover that pursuits which expand you in one new area of your life can translate into more excellence in “regular” life. For me, when I got curious and simply followed the adventure with my love of horses, not only did I have fun learning to ride, but my equine experiences soon translated into fresh stories, increased sensitivity as a leader, and unique ideas for leadership training.

Ask yourself:

• What are you learning at this point in your life and your career?
• Are you engaging with any new associates, or just hanging out with the same people all the time?
• Might this be a great time to take that class you’ve been thinking about?
• If you’re self-employed, is it time to re-assess what kind of clients you’d like to have and discover how to bring them in?
• If you’re unhappy at work, but afraid to make a move, what are you sacrificing?

Take inventory of what you’re focusing on. What’s your main direction in life, and how are your current focuses leading you there? If you have too many things going on, you won’t be able to achieve your best in any area.

I recommend focusing in three’s. Choose up to three key focus areas in your life (e.g., family, job, hobby or avocation) and three focus areas for your work (a project, a team leadership, or other avenue of directed energy). When you attempt many more than three main focuses at a time, you may have little time left over for yourself. Something precious will be sacrificed, and you may feel distracted or a bit “off purpose.” As we are continually asked to do more (in so many ways) remember that clear focus and finely-tuned intuition are key! Less can be more!

Re-examine your regular routines. With a renewed sense of direction, reconsider how you’re currently spending your time and energy. Are your activities moving you in your desired direction? Do your routines support your stretching, reaching, and staying at the top of your game? Can you identify habits that may be draining you, or keeping you from embracing the new? Are you able to say “no” diplomatically? Do you always put others first, or spend too much time around negative people or draining environments?

Bring your own energy. Remember that it’s up to you to bring your own energy and essence to a job to make it fulfilling work rather than labor. How about bringing the lift to your organization, rather than waiting for it to lift you? If an environment is already a positively charged up place, that’s great; but you can’t count on that. I’ve learned that wherever I go, wherever my footsteps fall, it’s up to me to bring through my energy, my compassion, my love of learning, my commitment to do, my judgment, my spirit…all of that! When I’m emanating, others see my demonstration and are encouraged to stretch also. Then the whole environment lifts!

Become the learning individual. During times of great change, the average person doesn’t rush forward to volunteer. People generally pull back and run for cover. But some Individuals come forward with the courage to step through their fear, take the point in facing the new, and figure out what’s next in the face of a problem or setback. Learning individuals stay present, observe what’s happening, and identify what they can learn from that situation. Learning Individuals do not stop when they stumble. They get back up, rely on their gut, intui-tion, conscience and heart to guide them forward. They learn to work with the concept of FUN – Full Use of Now, or Full Use of the Negative. In practicing this approach, they strengthen their ability to self-correct and become effective leaders.

So, if you follow the above guidelines when Life’s Adventure brings you that new idea or opportunity, you’ll be able to raise your hand and say, “Okay, I’ll do it! I’ll embrace the new with that“ – or at least be willing to say, “I’ll lean into it and explore!“

Step up and out in 2024. Move beyond the past, the opinions of others, and into the adventure of your life!

© 2024 Marie Moran